Export of Japanese Used Cars

 Export of Japanese Used Cars


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We are exporting automobiles in Osaka, Japan.

Terms of settlement
The settlement currency is basically in yen denominations.
(In case of US $ denominated, we will take measures such as meeting with the bank, exchange order etc)
It becomes full prepayment by TT settlement (Tranfer Teregraph, wire transfer).
In addition, although you will receive a separate fee, payment by PayPal is also possible.
L / C settlement is not done.

Trade terms
Normally, trade conditions are confirmed based on the Incoterms (International Regulations on Interpretation of Trade Terms) established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and clarify the transactional obligations to be borne by the sellers and buyers.

In addition to the basic transaction conditions (quality condition, quantity condition, price condition, delivery condition, settlement condition), we will describe the countermeasure at the delay of shipment, the obligation to perform the quality confirmation and the notice thereof.

We will consult with export customs brokers and carrier in advance in advance to confirm customs clearance procedures and transportation methods.
At the same time, we inform importers of vessel name (or flight number), departure schedule date, expected arrival date, etc. without delay, so that cargo can be picked up immediately upon arrival of cargo.

Exchange Rates