Export of Japanese Used Cars

 Export of Japanese Used Cars

Import Regulation

It is impossible in principle to import used cars for commercial purposes (Commerce Department "Automobile Trade Policy: 2005 No. 16 Order" Chapter 7, Article 37). Although it is allowed to be brought in only one as a long-term resident expatriate's employee, this is also limited to new cars on the left hand drive, running on the right hand drive vehicle is forbidden.
China Commerce Department: Ministry of Commerce 2005 No.16 Automobile Trade Policy Open to a new site in a new window

Importing as a used car business is virtually impossible. From the viewpoint of domestic industrial protection nurturing and environmental pollution control, secondhand cars are regarded as one of "items requiring import permission" (19 items in total), and as with new cars, compliance with standards standards (vehicle weight of 3,500 kg or less) is required Yes. Severe import conditions including customs duties are imposed, and conditions of import permission are limited mainly for personal, government, re-export purposes.
JETRO: The Thai Trade Control System

Imports of used cars are not permitted. Imported used cars will be suspended (Commercial Ministerial Document No. 1311, December 29, 2006) after February 28, 2007, after which the Minister of Commerce concerning the import of second-hand goods (57 / M-DAG / PER / 12/2008) was promulgated, but because the car is not listed on the importable second-hand goods list.
JETRO: Indonesian Trade Control System

Importing as a used car business is virtually impossible. As with Thailand, it complies with standards standards and imposes high tariffs + special consumption tax. The right steering wheel car is import prohibited inclusive of what was remodeled to the left handle specification before importing.
JETRO: Vietnam Trade Control System

Imported secondhand car as a business is prohibited, and it is limited to cases where individuals of nationalities of Pakistan bring it as private owners or gifts etc. (Import Policy Order, APPENDIX - C, personal cargo exception Personal Baggage Schemes, Circular 666 I) / 2006).
JETRO: Pakistan Trade Control System

Import of right hand drive car is prohibited without distinction of new car / used car (Government order No.209 ANK.BK).
JETRO: Cambodian Trade Control System

Except for heavy machinery, importing right hand drive cars is not permitted (Notice No. N 01/2017).
JETRO: Business journal "Import of right handles, impossible without heavy machinery from 2018"

Latin America
Second-hand cars can not be imported in principle. As an exception, import is possible in the 1st state (Iquique) with the free zone and 12th province (Punta Arenas), but it can not be sold to other states (Law No. 18.483, Article 21, December 28, 1985 Official Gazette). Re-export from free zone to neighboring countries is possible, but it is necessary to check import restrictions etc. of the destination country of re-export.
JETRO: The Chilean Trade Control System

Chilean National Assembly Library: Open new window to Chilean Law 18,483 external site

If you are a left-hand drive vehicle you can import it. However, at the time of manufacture, vehicles remodeled later that were on the right side are not allowed. Until the end of 2012, Ilbo and Matarani's Export Processing Zone (CETICO) was permitted to handle renovation, but now it is not allowed (Law 29303; promulgated on 18th December 2008).
JETRO: Peru Trade Control System

Second-hand cars can not be imported in principle. (Public Revenue Federal Management Agency Resolution 2146/2006).
JETRO: Argentina Trade Control System
InfoLEG: Public Revenue Federal Administrative Agency Resolution 2146/2006 Open to a foreign site in a new window

Brazilian Ministry of Finance Trade Division (DECEX) As a rule, importing second-hand consumer goods, including secondhand cars, is prohibited pursuant to Article 27 of the Regulatory Directive dated May 13, 1991. However, according to Regulation Directive No. 235 dated December 7, 2006, the Ministry of Development and Commerce and Industry (MDIC) added Article 25 h of the above Directive, enthusiasts and collectors, etc. for 30 years Importation is permitted for what you did.
JETRO: Brazilian trade management system

Imported used cars can not be imported (April 2005 effective Matto Economic Partnership Agreement Article 7 Import and Export Restriction Annex 2). On the other hand, imports from NAFTA have a tendency towards liberalization.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Open new window to the Japan / Mexico Economic Partnership Agreement external site

Costa Rica
Imported with right steering wheel car, remodeled car to left steering wheel, domestic running is prohibited.
Costa Rica Traffic Police: Road Traffic Law PDF file (To external site, open in a new window) (577KB)

Imported with right steering wheel car, remodeled car to left steering wheel, domestic running is prohibited.
Cheong Wa Dae: Transportation and Land Transportation Agency Resolution JD - 37 - 2004 (Official Gazette dated December 22, 2004) PDF file (Open to a new window, open to a new window) (5.68 MB)

Importation of the right steering wheel car is not possible. Also domestic driving is prohibited.
dominican republic
Imported vehicles that are remodeled to the right steering wheel car, right steering wheel to the left steering wheel are prohibited (Regulation 2-08 of October 6, 2008, General Administration of Customs).

Import of secondhand cars, second hand car parts is prohibited, but some special vehicles are allowed to import.
Ecuador Ministry of Trade: 2012 Trade Commission Resolution 51 No. PDF file (Open to a new window, in a new window) (1.48 MB)

According to Law No. 769 of 2002, import and registration of used cars are prohibited.
Colombia Department of Transportation Q & A Open to a new site, in a new window
Colombia Department of Transportation: Law No. 769 of 2002 Letter PDF file (To external site, opens in new window) (175 KB)

Republic of South Africa
Used cars for commercial purpose are prohibited from importing. A considerable number of secondhand cars from Japan are being exported to the country, but these seem to be re-exported to third countries via this country.
JETRO: Local Import Rules and Points to Remember on Used Vehicles: Export to South Africa Republic

Importing right hand drive car is prohibited. Please refer to Appendix 2 of the Import and Export Law Enforcement Regulation from the following trade management system for the age condition of the left hand drive car etc.
In Egypt, regulations on import prohibition of Japanese products were issued in April 2011. Although it is relaxed at the moment, it is impossible to actually export Japanese used cars with high radiation dose detected from Japan. It is recommended to keep in mind the JETRO related information.
JETRO: Egyptian trade management system

Other areas
In Uzbekistan, registration and use of right-hand drive vehicles are prohibited, and the import of the right-hand drive car itself is prohibited (Ministerial Conference Decision No. 90 "On Additional Measures for Road Traffic Security", February 1993 17th day).

In the country, there is a policy to promote sales of domestic cars, the share of imported cars is slight. In addition, for the purpose of environmental conservation, import of secondhand cars (regardless of mileage, defined as second-hand cars exceeding three years from the date of production) is subject to higher tariffs than new cars.
Ministerial Conference No. 90 "Additional measures concerning road traffic security" (dated February 17, 1993) Open to a new site in a new window

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